Uniform tops with the Arts Magnet logo may be purchased through this website: http://www.darterschools.com/nlarts/

Uniforms should follow the rules below:

Black blouses and shirts (with or without the school's logo) must have a collar and may be button down, polo, or turtleneck. Blouses or shirts with tails must be tucked in at all times. Hem must reach to waistline when arms raised. Sleeves may be long or short. No tee shirts may be worn except under another uniform blouse. Black sweaters or sweatshirts (without hoods) are optional but not substitute for blouses as defined above. Ties are optional.

Khaki jumpers, skirts, or knee length shorts, “skorts”, or skirts. Pants and shorts must be “dress” or “docker” style. No blue jeans may be worn. All pants must be worn at the waist at all times (no undergarments are permitted to be exposed).

No student shall wear any article of clothing, including jackets, shoes, hats, and bandannas, jewelry, or other item, which identifiable as a known symbol of racism, sexism, violence, drug, alcohol or tobacco use, gang membership or affiliation, or contains offensive language.

Styles that are prohibited in school:
Spandex and form-fitting leggings or yoga pants, unless covered front and back by a shirt or skirt longer than arm’s length.
Jeans with holes above the knee that expose skin.
Pants worn below the waist that expose undergarments and/or shorts Exposed boxers or any underwear or bathing suit used as outer wear.
Full or partially transparent clothing, muscle shirts, halter tops, strapless shirts or dresses. No clothing may be see-through.
Revealing, form-fitting clothing and clothing that exposes the midriff, back or cleavage.
Headgear such as hats, skull caps, beanies, visors, baseball caps and
Sunglasses and masks.
Jewelry that is considered dangerous (spikes, dog chains, bicycle chains, and sharp edged items)
Clothing with offensive symbols and language and/or symbols or language that promote drugs or alcohol.
Clothing, foot wear, jewelry, backpacks and other items of certain colors or patterns, plastic colored beads, exposed tattoos, and any other items that are perceived by the administration to represent gang affiliation.
Inappropriate and unsafe footwear. Open toe shoes are not allowed.
Miniskirts and shorts that are shorter than the student’s arm’s length.
Heelies or Wheelies


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