Renzulli Academy

Renzulli Academy

Program Overview 

The Renzulli Academy is a program designed for students who have a passion for learning and are capable of gifted performance in school. Students in the program are academically talented, task-committed, and creative. Especially important to our program are students who are original thinkers and open to discovering their gifts in a creative educational setting are prime candidates for this program. 

Intrinsic motivation, creativity, curiosity, and a high aptitude are characteristics that Renzulli Academy students ideally possess. 

The Renzulli Academy features a technology-rich environment blended with a project-based curriculum. The Renzulli Academy provides an environment that enriches students’ academic and arts experiences and provides an avenue for academy students to participate in project-based activities such as Invention Convention. 

The Renzulli Academy offers students opportunities to research and display their work in school. 

Further, opportunities for students to work with mentors in print and on-line in their fields of study will be offered. Parents will be an integral component of the success of this program. Our program offers students an opportunity to thrive in an environment dedicated to meeting the needs of the passionate learner both academically and creatively. 



Schoolwide Enrichment Model for Reading is a program that allows students to self-select reading material. In addition to studying specific reading skills and conferring with teachers, students engage in various responses. 

M3 and Math Innovations 

Mentoring Mathematical Minds and Math Innovations are programs that are specifically designed for gifted learners. Tasks include written analysis of mathematic concepts and free-form problem solving. 


Following the Next Generation Science Standards, Renzulli Academy students will engage in an inquiry-based approach. After generating questions, students will discover answers from a variety of science disciplines. Students will also engage in engineering problem-solving activities. 


The Connecticut Invention Convention is a regional competition in which students design an invention to solve a real-world problem. After creating a prototype, all students participate in a school-wide invention convention to qualify for the regional finals held at the University of Connecticut. 

Social Studies and Writing 

Using the Lucy Calkins writing curriculum, students will learn and improve through the writing process. By the end of the year, students will have written a narrative, expository and argumentative essay while using pertinent social studies content. 


Enrollment and Staff 

The Renzulli Academy of New London is a school-within-a-school model for grades 5-8. It is staffed with one lead (12-month) teacher and four full-time classroom teachers sharing the programming for 88 students. All of the students in the program are New London students (this program is housed in the building with a magnet program but it is not a magnet). There is a program Director and support from Central Office administrators. 



  • NEAG Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at University of Connecticut 
  • Mentoring Corps for Community Development
  • STEM Magnet Middle School Team

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